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"Protect Your Investment"

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Time to face the facts! These rough winters are here to stay. With the record breaking snow falls across the nation you can count on having issues with snow and ice on your roofs.  Prevention is the key to cutting your costs.  If you remove the ice and snow prior to having leaks your costs will be less.  Xlt Finishes specializes in removing the ice safley without any damages to your roof.  Our specific steaming methods are proven from Grand Rapids MI to Boston Ma.  We defeat the Ice before the Ice Defeats You!!!!!!

Keep your home dry

- Roof raking

- Roof shoveling

- Ice dam removal

Our Ice dam services include:

Your home may be vulnerable to ice dam formation if your indoor heating warms your roof's surface above 32 degrees, causing snow or ice on top of the roof to melt. The melted precipitation flows into roof crevices until it reaches another part of the roof below the freezing point. If left untreated, damage can spread to your attic, ceiling, or interior walls.  Heat loss is the number one cause of an Ice Dam.

When does an Ice dam occur?

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